at the SCEN Lab

Dr. Philip Gable, Director

"My program of research investigates the interplay of emotion, motivation, personality, and cognition. I am profoundly interested in investigating the ways emotions modulate our thoughts, motivate our behaviors, and are expressed in the brain. In order to pursue these questions, I take a multi-method approach, examining both the neuropsychological and neurophysiological aspects associated with these processes. In order to examine the influence of these affects on psychological processes, I investigate a breadth of cognitive, perceptual, and behavioral measures. In addition, my work examines neurophysiological processes such as hemispheric asymmetry, EEG frequency, event-related potentials, and reflex physiology. Utilizing these psychological and psychophysiological methods provides a more complete understanding of the role of motivational processes. From these investigations, I have developed the Motivational Dimensional Model of cognitive scope, proposing that motivational direction and intensity influence cognitive and perceptual scope. A large body of my research has focused on affects often underexplored in previous literature with unique motivational properties: positive affects high (vs. low) in motivational intensity, and negative affects with approach-motivational tendencies. Another line of my research seeks to investigate the individual differences and attitudes underlying affective and neurophysiological processes. My interest lies in developing psychologically and neurophysiologically based theoretical models of affect and motivation. These areas of interest extend across broad areas of psychological and applied science. As such, the SCEN lab has ongoing research projects in social, clinical, cognitive, developmental, and substance use psychology, as well as kinesiology, education, marketing, and product design."