of the SCEN Lab

Graduate Students

Ricardo A. Wilhelm, M.A.

I have lived in various places, but consider Tennessee to be my home state. While living there, I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Lee University. This is currently my fourth year as a graduate student in Social Psychology. As of now, my research has focused on using behavioral and physiological measures to understand how motivational intensity varies within different social contexts. In my free time, I like to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with family and friends.

Micayla Lacey, M.A.

This is my third year as a graduate student in the Social Psychology Ph.D. program. I am originally from western Michigan and hold an undergraduate degree in psychology from Lee University in Cleveland, TN. I am interested in using behavioral and physiological measures to study the relationship between motivation and emotion. My recent research uses behavioral and psychophysiological measures to better understand motivational conflicts. Outside of the lab, I enjoy knitting and beating my family and friends in board games.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Evelyn McIntyre

Sami Sneed

Ryan Freer

Alyssa Spencer

Rebekah Ballard

Caroline Smith

Samuel Newcomb

Jack Strubel

Past Graduate Students

Bryan D. Poole, Ph.D.

David Adams, M.A.

Nicole C. Ryerson, Ph.D.

Lauren B. Neal, Ph.D.

A. Hunter Threadgill, Ph.D.

Past Lab Members


Raul Ramirez

Kathryn Tant

Neal Pollock

Gozde Senturk

Maxwell Jones

Natalie Ryan

Kaylyn Vollmer

Stephen Walker

FabryeAnne Robinson

Mark Ledbetter

April Smith

Jon Kimbrough

Grant Kehler

Ashby Dean

Sara Seale

Mary Katherine Cleveland

Suzanne Cook

Michael Mintz

Kenyanita Ellis

Cherie Muhern

Allie Nielsen

Maddie Butz

Sydney Powers

Cayce Savage

Leah Dunkel

Molly Lisenby

Sydney Gruber

Sam Scheidler

Elisabeth Heyne

Virginia Skipper

Halley Seyfried

Perrin Lowrey

Emily Pickle

Liz Fromhold

Christina Hwang

Christian Smitherman

Danni Delgado

Maggie Holland

Zach Beasley

Ryan Cummins

Michael Scaglione

Giuliano Godorecci

Neethu Thampy

Khadijah Muhammad

Allison Bouslog

Kaci Davis

Melinda Carr

Mary Titus

Alison Gentry

Sally-Anne Delucia

Megan Anderson

Samantha Cook

Sudarsan Murali

Samantha Thomas

Jonathan Sowell

Andrew Reed

Bailey Shoenberger

Kary Reynolds

Victoria Morgan

Lauren McGuire

Whitney Walker

Alexis Winborne

Madeleiene Powell

Taylor Malkemus

Josiah Sowell

Emma Scatterday

Averi Lewis

Lacey Kennedy

Jessica Howard

Charlotte Kinrade

Jason Fier

Leland Durley

Haley Quertermous

Sarah Ford

Anika Ames